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TIW: Range Sum

4 minute read

Prefix array sum is a useful tool that shows up often. It achieves the following:

TIW: Two Pointers

4 minute read

It’s quite surprising how much you can accomplish with constant extra space. There are a few classic problems with integer arrays that can be solved by two p...

TIW: In Place Swapping

5 minute read

Among my very little interview experience, I’ve seen this type of question twice. In general, you are given an array (maybe 1D, 2D or higher), and you need t...


5 minute read

I will dedicate this post to two functions in particular: upper_bound and lower_bound. They make the impossible become possible. Basic facts about them:


7 minute read

This should be a relatively easy post. Things covered: auto, iterator, sort, next permutation, reverse and swap. If you know all of these you can skip.


5 minute read

This post in a nutshell: vector<vector<pair<int, map<int, set<int> > > > > nutshell(n, vector<pair<int, map<int, set...

Index: Tech Interview Walkthrough

1 minute read

In order to prove the worth of this site, I am planning to write a series of posts about writing clean code in CS tech interviews. The entire series will foc...

CS201 Project: Tank War

1 minute read

Dec 2021 Edit: I stopped running the server because of the log4shell exploit that affects most Java applications.