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A Tale of Two Zeros

1 minute read

One day I came across some code that looked like this (paraphrased):

Searching for Sets: Jaccard Index and MinHash

3 minute read

Here’s a well-written intro to audio fingerprinting. One part of the article contains a clever trick that seems generally useful and interesting to think abo...

Precisely Compare Ints and Floats

2 minute read

Here’s a seemingly trivial task that I ran into recently - given a 64 bit int i and a 64 bit floating point f, how can we tell which one is larger?

Paper Reading: Efficient Path Profiling

7 minute read

Recently I’ve been going through CS 6120 from Cornell (compilers), and one of the papers listed in the course was quite interesting, namely Efficient Path Pr...

Random Heap Updates Are Cheap

6 minute read

A while ago I encountered an algorithmic challenge at work. Basically, the idea is that we have a bag of numbers, and we’d like to be able to update each num...