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Unexpected Chinese Remainder Theorem

5 minute read

Last week, we had an incident at work. Both the bug itself and the debugging process were mildly interesting, and I’ll describe both briefly below, and discu...

A Tale of Two Zeros

1 minute read

One day I came across some code that looked like this (paraphrased):

Searching for Sets: Jaccard Index and MinHash

3 minute read

Here’s a well-written intro to audio fingerprinting. One part of the article contains a clever trick that seems generally useful and interesting to think abo...

Precisely Compare Ints and Floats

2 minute read

Here’s a seemingly trivial task that I ran into recently - given a 64 bit int i and a 64 bit floating point f, how can we tell which one is larger?

Paper Reading: Efficient Path Profiling

7 minute read

Recently I’ve been going through CS 6120 from Cornell (compilers), and one of the papers listed in the course was quite interesting, namely Efficient Path Pr...