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TIW: Bitwise

7 minute read

Bitwise operations are black magic. It is so simple but with them you can do things that you never thought would be so easy. For those who have never seen th...

TIW: Linked List Cycle

4 minute read

This is more like a special topics post, because it is a very specific algorithm with a very narrow application. The problem statement: given a linked list w...

TIW: Reverse Linked List

4 minute read

A linked list is an array that supports O(1) insertion and O(n) random access, in contrast to vector’s O(n) insertion and O(1) random access. Here’s how a li...

TIW: Dijkstra

4 minute read

Shortest path problems using Dijkstra are actually very easy to write. There is a fixed format and you just need to fill in the blanks. The format:

TIW: Monotonic Stack

6 minute read

I actually made this name up; I don’t know what it is called. This is how the Chinese call it apparently, 單調棧. It sometimes comes handy when you need O(n) pe...


7 minute read

Breadth First Search and Depth First Search are both essential skills to passing medium problems. If you’ve been following along, I’ve already written BFS on...

EE354 Project: Minesweeper in Verilog

3 minute read

Finished a project a few days ago for EE354 at USC: Introduction to Digital Circuits. The final project for the class requires us to write a program in veril...

Binary Search: A Better Way

7 minute read

So you think you know how to write binary search - just like everyone else. I mean, it’s easy, right? Maybe, but you can probably do it better. Let’s start w...